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 The REST API documentation can be found here: https://fshub.io/docs/platform/v3/rest-api The REST API documentation can be found here: https://fshub.io/docs/platform/v3/rest-api
-===== Further economy features ===== 
-The Pilot Reward system is a simple "economy" mode which sees pilots' earn "reward points" for flying Virtual Airline routes (and optionally for completing Virtual airline achievements too), this feature is intended for virtual airlines that like a degree of "economy" or "career-mode" but don't want to go //too extreme// and therefore, this feature can be used independently but when combined with the [[fshub:features:corporate_airline_mode|Corporate Airline Mode (CAM)]] the running and simulation of your airline at a business level can really be enhanced! 
-If you're less likely to want to run and manage a "virtual business" and have to worry about profit and loss, then the Pilot Rewards system may be all you need or want at this stage. 
-You can learn more about this advanced mode here: [[fshub:features:corporate_airline_mode|Corporate Airline Mode]]. 
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