Daily Flight Challenge

The Daily Flight Challenge feature is designed to provide you with three random flights taken from our database for the purposes of:

  • Helping you explore other parts of the world you may not have flown in or considered flying in the past.
  • Adds another level of achievement (points are awarded for every day you complete “The Daily Flight Challenge”)
  • Takes the stress and pressure out of thinking “where shall I fly today”.
  • Bragging rights :-P (your total number of completed Daily Flight Challenges are displayed on your Achievements page), the top 10 pilots with the most completed and longest daily streaks also appear on the global stats page (leaderboard) too.
  • Giving you more reasons to fly every day :-D

Each of these three flight options vary in terms of distance, we have categorised each of the available options into the following categories:

  • Short flight option - (a flight between 50nm - 150nm)
  • Medium flight option - (a flight between 250nm - 700nm)
  • Long flight option - (a flight between 1000nm - 4000nm)

Whilst you only need to complete one of these flights, you may wish to complete all three flights but, in the interest of fairness to other pilots, only a single “Daily Flight Challenge” point will be awarded per day.

If you notice that FsHub detected that you landed at an incorrect (but very close by) airport, simple “Edit” your flight report and select the correct airport, FsHub will then re-check your flight report immediately and if found to be valid you will be awarded the daily challenge! - Be sure to check this on the day though as updating the flight report the next day or in future WILL NOT automatically award “The daily challenge” to you!

We provide three options as we know that some pilots prefer to, or only fly GA aircraft whilst other pilots may prefer to fly medium or long-haul flights using larger and possibly faster aircraft.

Every day (at 00:00 UTC) three new random flights are generated for the new day and pilots will be able to complete another “Daily flight challenge” and gain another “Daily Flight Challenge” point which will appear in their Achievement page.

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