Sponsored airports

Sponsored airports exist in FsHub to enable users that may like flying into a historic airport that no longer exists in the real world or is looking to use custom scenery files for various reasons (maybe your virtual airline's hub uses a fictional airport like Nexus Airways)… Users can now personally sponsor an airport to be included in our real-world database.

At FsHub we like to keep our airport database as true to real life as possible but we understand there are some edge cases that some users may want to and be willing to “sponsor” such as the inclusion of a custom “fictional” airport into our database and whilst we believe our database is best kept as true to real-life as possible we do recognise that, given FsHub is a free service that we can offer a premium service in the form of “sponsored” airports which, for a small yearly fee which goes towards hosting fees we will include your custom airport into our database and ensures that we will continue to maintain the data between airport database updates for the duration of the sponsorship.

Sponsored airport information pages clearly display a notice to other uses that may view the airport information page and also provides an optional sponsorship link to a custom website/page as requested by the sponsor.

We also recognise that by making this feature a premium feature the number of fictional airports in our database will be very small and therefore will be very unlikely to impact or affect users that fly real-world operations only.

If you want to “sponsor” a historical airport or want a fictional airport added please contact us.

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