Aircraft Monitor (AeroPad)

The Aircraft Monitor app is designed to demonstrate the power of LRM REST Services and how you can obtain real-time data from your simulator. In addition to simulator specific information, LRM REST Services (through the LRM Data Connector) also provides access to airport/navigational information, weather, pilot, and active airline information in addition to sound effects too. We understand that this particular app might not be very pretty or be of much use for general flying but hope that you enjoy watching your aircraft data update in real-time! Or perhaps you like to fly long-hauls and would like to keep tabs on the progress of your flight while you're away from your sim computer. With Aircraft Monitor, you can do just that!

If you are an app developer and would like to learn more about how you can build apps for the LRM EFB system or external applications in your programming language of choice, please see our online documentation for more information.

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