METAR Services (AeroPad)

The METAR Services app is a simple tool that allows you to quickly retrieve current weather conditions, forecasts, and suggested runway information for any airport where weather information is available.

Getting to Know METAR Services

The METAR Services app is meant to be extremely easy to use. Therefore, there really isn't much to it. You can see a list of its features and an example screenshot of it working here.

  1. Return to AeroPad Home Screen: Click or tap this to return to the AeroPad Home screen.
  2. METAR Services Field: Enter an ICAO code here to retrieve weather information for that airport, if available.
  3. METAR: Displays the raw textual METAR for the specified ICAO code.
  4. TAF: Displays the raw textual Terminal Aerodrome Forecast for the specified ICAO code.
  5. Suggested Runways: Displays suggested takeoff/landing runway based only on the strongest headwind component using FsHub's runway information database. Be sure to cross-reference these suggestions with other operational limitations, requirements and available information!
  6. Weather Information: Displays decoded weather information for the specified ICAO code.
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