Community Sound Effects and Aircaft Configuration packs

Using the LRM Aircraft Manager that was introduced in version 5 of LRM, you can now configure sound effects and customise the landing rate parameters (that contribute to the landing score that is shown in LRM) for specific aircraft and liveries (this is ideal for when you want, for example, a specific cabin effects for a British Airways A320 livery but also a custom sound pack for another livery (for the same A320 model).

To set up a new Aircraft configuration, simply load up your simulator of choice and, with your aircraft loaded into the simulator, simply click on the Detect button as shown here:

The Detect button will read the current aircraft model name (or, as the simulators refer to them as, the aircraft label value).

The aircraft label is generally set by the livery designer (the livery folder name) and as such, this enables LRM to identify and handle aircraft on a per-livery basis.

Whilst you can easily use the Aircraft Manager to create a new configuration by setting your own landing rate parameters and specifying your own cabin sounds (which can be played using the EFB's “Cabin Manager” app) you can also Export these configurations (using the Export button) so that you can share them with friends, virtual airline colleagues and hopefully, the LRM community too!

When you first create a new Aircraft Configuration the default LRM sound effects settings will be applied along with the default LRM landing score parameters - for the majority of users, the default landing score parameters may do just fine and therefore can be left as default. The custom landing parameters can however be tweaked to your preference which may be for a number of reasons including:

  • Specific aircraft published landing safety limits
  • You simply want to challenge yourself by setting the “bar higher” for your own personal benefit.

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