How to enable the AeroPad EFB

To enable the AeroPad EFB you must first ensure that you have linked your FsHub account to LRM; AeroPad requires you to have an FsHub account as many of the features implemented within AeroPad utilises functionality from the FsHub cloud platform.

Once you have linked your FsHub account to LRM from the LRM Preferences window (using the “Link my account” button) as shown here:

You will then be able to tick the box shown here:

Once you have enabled this, close the Preferences Window for the changes to take effect and pay special attention to this message:

You will now notice that a new menu has appeared on the main LRM window, you can now use this new menu to manually start the EFB (and LRM Data Connector) like so:

Once you have started it, you can use the Open AeroPad menu item from the Services menu to launch AeroPad in your browser:

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