LRM client showing "Disconnected"

There are potentially four main reasons why the LRM client will show as “Disconnected”, these scenarios and resolutions are as follows:

1) Your simulator is not running - LRM can only “Connect” once your simulator is running/your aircraft is loaded into the simulator.

2) You do not have FSUIPC installed - Ensure you install the correct version of FSUIPC or XPUIPC (if using X-Plane) installed for your simulator

3) FSUIPC is not running - Recently we have noticed that MSFS 2020 will sometimes (randomly) not automatically start FSUIPC, you can either restart MSFS or manually run FSUIPC until MSFS fix this “bug”.

4) FSUIPC is running and you are loaded into the simulator but it still shows as “Disconnected” - If you are running your simulator in “admin mode” then LRM MUST be running in “admin mode” too (both the simulator and LRM client must be running in the same mode). Unless you have a reason to run the simulator in “admin mode” we recommend using normal mode when launching the simulator and LRM.

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