Charts Browser (AeroPad)

The Charts Browser AeroPad app is a simple tool that allows you to view all the charts you have synced to LRM.

Syncing Charts

To display charts, you must have added them to your Flight Bag in FsHub and synced them using LRM. If you are unfamiliar with how to sync charts from FsHub to LRM, please see our guide on how to sync charts.

Getting to Know Charts Browser

Charts Browser is a very simple app, and its features should be mostly self-explanatory. There are very few elements to know. These few elements are as follows:

  1. Return to AeroPad Home Screen: Click or tap this to return to the AeroPad Home screen.
  2. Filter Charts: Filters charts by specified ICAO code. The Chart List updates as you type. Click the yellow button to clear the filter.
  3. Charts List: Displays all charts synced to LRM from FsHub. Alternatively, displays all charts matching the ICAO code entered in the Filter Charts box.
  4. Chart Display: Displays the selected chart.
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